Will Mandibular Tori Interfere With Dentures?

Mandibular tori or torus (singular) is a hard bony growth on your lower jaw. It can be a singular, one-sided growth, or it can be two sided (sub mandibular tori.) Mandibular tori removal isn’t necessary unless it’s grown large and irritating, or is blocking oral hygiene like brushing your teeth.

A common reason for mandibular tori removal is that they do interfere with denture fitting. Mandibular tori cause abnormal bone growth on your lower jaw line, making denture fitting impossible. Even if your dentist does manage to fit dentures over the tori, the tori can grow larger, making dentures not fit properly.

Palatal Tori and Dentures

A less common type of dental tori is called Palatal Tori (maxillary tori.) Palatal (maxillary) tori grows in the upper roof of your mouth, in your soft palate. These bony growths grow together with the nasal septum, making surgical removal hard without causing breathing trouble.

For this reason, palatal tori are not removed unless it’s a medical emergency. Palatal tori also interfere with denture fitting, so if you need dentures, you have to have them removed. Palatal tori make fitting upper dentures almost impossible.

Tori Removal for Denture Fitting

If you need to have tori removed to fit dentures, you’ll be referred to an oral specialist or a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry, who will remove them. Removal involves giving local anesthetics like Novocaine, exposing the bone under the gum tissue, and removing the excess bone with bone spur, chisel, and surgical hammer.

Due to the graphic and unpleasant nature of the removal surgery, most patients put off having dental tori removed, until denture fitting is an unavoidable option, or tori start to interfere with dentures.